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Research Support Directory

Points of contact and information wherever you are on the research journey.

The Australian Clinical Trials Education Centre (A-CTEC)

Clinical trials training resources, freely available to Tasmanians.

Tasmanian Data Linkage Unit (TDLU)

Linked data for researchers combining Tasmanian and other approved data sources.

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Common Cause Australia provide an excellent resource library. This library contains the latest value-based message guides and other resources from Common Cause Australia and aligned organisations from around the world.

There exists a plethora of frameworks of behaviour change interventions, but it is not clear how well they serve this purpose. This paper evaluates these frameworks, and develops and evaluates a new framework aimed at overcoming their limitations.

Become more familiar and capable of working in systems and towards systems change with this tool which enables a systemic inquiry for systems change.

In follow up to the 6th NIH Meeting on Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health, working group meeting members present some of the key concepts discussed and next steps. Central to their discussion are the key issues for implementation science study design, and the work and opportunities that remain ahead.

This guide gives tips and techniques about storytelling, and explains in plain English why it is a powerful and effective tool.

In this paper, three implementation scientists share a heuristic tool to help investigators determine where their research questions fall in the translational research continuum. They use a “subway model” that envisions a journey to implementation research with stops along the way at efficacy and effectiveness research.

This guide has been developed for health professionals applying for the Translational Research Grants Scheme (TRGS) who may have limited research experience, but may also be useful for more experienced researchers as a structured reminder of the range of issues that will be taken into account in the screening and assessment of proposals.

How to use knowledge mobilisation to enhance research impact. Learn strategies such as taking a systems approach, and download useful tools

Contributing to government submission processes can be a valuable way for individuals to have a say on issues they care about. This excellent article by Dr Robyn Gulliver outlines some of the steps you can take to make your submissions powerful.

The policy brief is a widely used type of policy paper produced to support an advocacy campaign. The intended audience for the brief is informed, non-experts, i.e. people who work regularly on the issue addressed in the brief, but will mostly never do research or read expert texts. The International Centre for Policy Advocacy has collaged some excellent guides for how to write these highly impactful documents.

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