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Well planned Knowledge Translation is an important part of translating evidence into practice. Knowledge translation is more commonly known to happen at the end of a research project, to change practice, policy or services that will improve health. End of research knowledge translation includes those activities that use an implementation plan to increase awareness of the results of research.

When knowledge translation is integrated into all research activities, it can occur at all stages along the translational research impact pathway. Integrated knowledge translation is a collaborative process that engages end users of research at all stages in the research journey, which can result in improved uptake of research findings.

Knowledge translation, according to Straus and colleagues, is a dynamic process that ensures new research discoveries make their way into clinical care efficiently and effectively.

It involves collaboration and conversation between researchers and people who use research – including people, clinicians, health professionals, managers and policy makers.

Who are the end users of research?

    • Consumers and community members
    • Researchers
    • Clinicians
    • Funders
    • Managers
    • Policymakers

Examples of how we can support you

The Collaboration’s dedicated Research Translation Fellow works with you to:

  • Find knowledge gaps during your research design phase
  • Break down barriers that prevent knowledge and findings from being used effectively
  • Promote new knowledge in relevant and accessible ways for people, communities, health clinicians, professionals, organisations and policy- makers
  • Explore different communications strategies to help others use your research
  • Develop a knowledge translation plan for your project

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