Community and Consumer Involvement

How do we make health research relevant to Tasmanians’ health needs?

Involving people and communities in research design leads to better health and healthcare.

Translational research is about recognising that everybody is a researcher.
To make sustainable improvements to health and healthcare in our communities, health research needs to address local needs.

People and communities with lived experience are best placed to give advice about those needs and have a right to offer input into the research that will affect them.

The Collaboration supports consumers, communities, health clinicians and researchers to start the research pathway together, setting research priorities based on what people and communities say are their biggest health challenges.

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The Collaboration’s dedicated Consumer and Community Involvement Coordinator works with you to enable consumer and community involvement by:

  • Advising on consumer and community involvement in grant applications.
  • Providing one-to-one consults to support the planning and implementation of consumer and community involvement in your research.
  • Supporting you with resources and training for consumer and community involvement in research.
  • Reviewing recruitment and development strategies for involving consumers and communities.

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