Our Work

Working together to find local health solutions

Learn how the Collaboration supports consumers, clinicians, health professionals and researchers to deliver translational health research.

Involving people and communities at every stage of research

Learn how we can support you to directly shape the research that matters to you or help you with involving people and communities in your next research project.

Moving new discoveries into practice

Knowledge Translation is the bridge between research and practice. Get support from our Knowledge Broker to help you meaningfully communicate your research to the people, communities, clinicians and policy-makers who will use it.

Supporting research determined by Aboriginal communities

Advocating for projects led by Aboriginal health researchers, Aboriginal majority-led research teams, and supporting research topics determined by Aboriginal peoples.

Advocating for clinicians’ involvement in health research

Supporting you to build skills, knowledge and capacity to take part in translational research.

Support for researchers

Discover what kinds of support we can offer you for your next health research project.

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