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22Aug, 2023

Would you like to have a say in health research?

22 August 2023|

The Tasmanian Collaboration for Health Improvement is inviting Expressions of Interest from people across Tasmania to join our new Consumer and Community Advisory Panel (CCAP). As part of the Collaboration’s governance team the people on the panel will contribute their ideas and advice in [...]

7Mar, 2023

Free Webinar: How to Plan for Health Research Impact

7 March 2023|

Develop your impact planning skills in this practical Knowledge Translation webinar for health clinicians, researchers and policymakers. You'll learn: What Knowledge Translation is How and when to start planning for the impact of new research discoveries How to use Knowledge Translation strategies to transform clinical [...]

7Feb, 2023

Join the Collaboration’s Executive Committee

7 February 2023|

Join the Collaboration's Executive Committee and help drive better health for Tasmanians Help shape a healthier future for Tasmania The Tasmanian Collaboration for Health Improvement is a translational research partnership that brings together people, communities, clinicians, researchers and [...]

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