Ever considered becoming a Public Health Association of Australia member? Here’s what it involves.

The Public Health Association (PHAA) is Australia’s peak body for public health, advocating for the health and wellbeing of everyone in Australia.

PHAA has chosen Hobart to host this year’s Public Health conference on September 26-28. This is a great local opportunity to have leading public health colleagues in the state, and you may like to consider this opportunity to:

  • present
  • encourage your organisation to present
  • attend the workshops, seminars and events on offer

Tasmanian branch members will have the opportunity to be actively involved in supporting the conference, so now is the perfect time to become a PHAA member.

Membership is open to anyone who supports PHAA’s objectives, which include:

  • Advocacy to help lessen health inequality across Australian and International communities
  • Encouraging research and promoting knowledge relating to the problems, needs and development of public health
  • Promoting and providing a safe forum for knowledge sharing and information
  • Promoting public health workers education and development

Being a member provides many benefits, including discounts for conferences and events, networking with special interest groups, branch events, mentoring, scholarships and awards, and journal and newsletter access. You can build your policy and advocacy skills by getting involved in interest groups and the developing position statements.

For more information on membership, benefits and ways to get involved, download the Member Information Pack.

Keep an eye out on the PHAA events page for more details on the Hobart conference.